OREANDA-NEWS. The retail turnover (including VAT) of Apranga Group amounted to EUR 12.5 million in February 2015, and has increased 12.9% in comparison to February 2014.

In January through February 2015, the retail turnover of Apranga Group (including VAT) has made EUR 24.2 million, and increased 10.0% year-to-year.

In January-February 2015, the retail turnover of Apranga Group in Lithuania increased by 7.2% year-to-year, in Latvia increased 6.8% and in Estonia 32.0%.

Currently Apranga Group operates the chain of 163 stores covering an area of 73.6 thousand sq. m. Stores area increased by 5.6% during the year.

Shares of Apranga are listed on Baltic equity list on Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange. Majority shareholder of Apranga Group is concern MG Baltic.