OREANDA-NEWS. Deutsche Post will present its secure messenger app SIMSme from March 2 - 5 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the largest and most important event of the year in the wireless industry. In Hall 6, booth B40 visitors can learn about new SIMSme applications and functionalities that go far beyond personal communications use. The presentation will focus on new applications for business customers and the following three major features:

SIMSme as enterprise solution for companies

The first new SIMSme application that Deutsche Post will present in Barcelona is the use of SIMSme as a company-internal communications solution. Many kinds of information are more aptly communicated via text message than telephone or email, and SIMSme's enterprise solution now allows companies, as well as private individuals, to benefit from encrypted text messaging. SIMSme can be integrated with the company address book, and the SIMSme info channel, comparable to the external content channel, allows information to be communicated across the company. SIMSme can also be built-in to a company's existing IT infrastructure. All communications are then hosted by Deutsche Post servers in Germany and subject to Germany's strict data protection regulations. The SIMSme enterprise solution also features end-to-end encryption for all data, providing effective protection against misuse.

SIMSme as authentication tool (mTAN)

A special interface allows users to employ SIMSme as a highly secure authentication tool. Today, the mTAN procedure used by many banks relies mainly on SMS functionality. SIMSme offers a significantly higher level of security through its built-in end-to-end encryption. This can also be used to secure other applications such as online payments or to confirm hotel bookings, doctor appointments and shipment deliveries.

SIMSme content channels

The third new feature on display at MWC will be SIMSme's content channels. These give companies and institutions a simple, convenient and secure way to share news with their own customers, including news or other up-to-date information selected individually by the users themselves. The content channels have other applications as well. For publications, for example, they add real value by allowing users to subscribe to selected content streams. And as always with SIMSme, full encryption guarantees the secure exchange of all data. 

"The MWC is the annual reunion of the global wireless industry, and the right place to present these important new developments as we continue to expand and enhance the service in line with the needs and requirements of our private and business customers," says Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President Mobile & New Media at Deutsche Post.