OREANDA-NEWS. Color, scent, texture, skin sensation: the sensory properties of cosmetics are often critical for whether a product is purchased again or not. At this year's in-cosmetics (April 14-16) in Barcelona, BASF will demonstrate its customers how to create an emotional link between consumers and personal care products by sensory properties. Under the title "Sensory 2.0", the world's largest manufacturer of ingredients to the personal care industry will showcase new ingredients, formulations and concepts with specific sensory characteristics that are able to play a vital role in consumer preference of cosmetic products (booth 6H40).

Dirk Mampe, Head of Business Management of Personal Care Specialties Europe, explained: "From consumers' point of view, the sensory characteristics of a personal care product are as significant as efficacy and safety. Since the consumers are emotionally attached to their cosmetics, sensory characteristics can create an emotional link between the consumer and the product. At BASF, we help our customers to optimize the sensory properties of their cosmetic products in order to achieve a clear preference by consumers."

The market for natural cosmetics is constantly asking for high-performance new ingredients. At in-cosmetics, BASF will present a new emulsifier that is completely natural-based. At the same time, it convinces with distinct sensory benefits like delicate emulsion-texture, easy skin distribution as well as silky and light skin sensation.

Not only skin flaccidity and wrinkles, also age spots make the skin look older. In large parts of the world, traditionally, light complexion and spotless skin stand for youth and beauty. In Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially women are seeking to brighten their skin. BASF will present a new active ingredient which inhibits the melanin synthesis in the skin by 90 percent in vitro and delivers in vivo a fast skin brightening action significantly better than placebo and three times higher than that of kojic acid. Scientists at BASF's research and development center in Pulnoy (France) developed the active combining extracts from papaya, guava and saxifrage. Another highlight at the booth will be a synergistic complex that, for the first time in cosmetics, reverses the consequences of glycation. Glycation, responsible for the rigidification of collagen fibers due to high sugar food intake, is considered to be one of the major causes of skin aging.

The "Ancient Wisdom" trend from BASF's "Color Trends 2016" collection revolves around ideals of beauty and ideologies of the ancient world, calling for a color palette inspired by the Romance and Renaissance eras - from nude, creamy tones to warm metallic gold. With its unique range of gold pearls developed over the last years, BASF enables customers to choose from a wide variety of shades for their personal care products. At this year's in-cosmetics, the company will launch a new generation of Gold synthetic mica, with a pure white gold shade, able to give cosmetics from lip gloss to body serum a shimmering glow and shine.