OREANDA-NEWS. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), its wholly owned subsidiary Toyota Motor Sales and Marketing Corporation (TMSM), and Toyota Marketing Japan Corp. (TMJ), a wholly owned subsidiary of TMSM, have agreed to consolidate TMSM into TMC. Under the same agreement, TMJ’s motorsports functions will be transferred to TMC.

In the five years since TMSM was established, the global business environment has continued to change. In this period, TMSM and its subsidiary TMJ have developed an impressive degree of marketing expertise and agility. Now, aiming to ensure sustainable growth based on these achievements, TMSM’s global brand strategy functions are to be directly tied into TMC’s corporate mid- to long-term strategy, which will enable Toyota to strengthen its ability to carry out marketing at the local dealer and distributor level.

In addition, TMC will act as the headquarters for the motorsports activities that are currently allocated between the three companies. Over sixty years ago, Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of TMC, spoke about the responsibility of automakers to participate in motorsports, saying that motorsports also have an indispensable role to play in the ongoing development of the Japanese passenger car business. Through this consolidation, Toyota will return to this spirit by re-positioning motorsports as a central part of its activities to build ever-better cars. Under a consolidated approach to corporate strategy, marketing, and technological development, Toyota aims to accelerate the development of the human resources able to build ever-better cars and increase the number of car fans around the world.

TMSM and TMJ were established as specialist marketing companies in 2009 as part of efforts to respond to deep-reaching changes in the global business environment and adopt a marketing strategy closer to consumers in each region. Since then, TMSM has refined its expertise and agility, successfully implementing a number of high-quality and well-received online and digitally-oriented marketing projects. TMSM has also invested greatly in the rapid development of highly specialized human resources possessing a wealth of knowledge about global marketing.

TMSM will begin the transfer of its activities to TMC on April 1, before officially merging with TMC on July 1. After the merger, TMSM’s wholly owned subsidiaries TMJ, Delphys Inc., Amlux Toyota Co., Ltd., and Toyota Automall Development Corp. will become wholly owned subsidiaries of TMC.