OREANDA-NEWS. Shvabe Holding obtained exclusive rights to use its own trademark on the territory of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

The registration of the brand in Turkmenistan in the Cyrillic and Latin alphbets by 7 classes of the International classification of goods and services will enable the Holding to carry out the sales of various own products. Among their number are optical devices and light engineering products, geodesic and medical equipment. Shvabe will also be cable to use its own trademark on the country's territory in carrying out scientific investigations, experimental and engineering activities and industrial analysis.

"In the course of many years we have rather successfully been cooperating with Turkmen state and commercial organizations. Our LED traffic lights with non-standard white casing harmoniously complement the architectural outlook of Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan's "white city". Our medical equipment helps in saving human lives in obstetric republican institutions and geodesic devices manufactured by the Holding are successfully fulfil the objectives stated in the design and construction organizations. The registration of trademark on the country's territory will enable us to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with Turkmen partners to a qualitatively new level", told Anatoliy Sludnykh, Shvabe JSC's deputy general director for sales, foreign economic activity and marketing.