OREANDA-NEWS. August 20, 2015. To reward their efforts, dedication and academic excellence, Ford and its Dealers Civic Committee awarded three students of the Ford schools who won the 2014-2015 Children’s Knowledge Olympics visiting their facilities in Mexico City.

On July 29, Lucio Diego Sanchez Meza, Aline Jeraldine Silva Pea and Diego Perez Tabullo had a day full of activities that began with the delivery of awards in the Mexican Association of Ford Dealers by Manuel Gonzlez, Communications director, Ely Bernard, president of Ford’s Dealers Civic Committee,  and Marisa Alvarez, manager of the committee.

After receiving a tablet as a prize for their academic performance, and after sharing a delicious breakfast with members of the committee, the next stop on the students’ itinerary was the offices of Ford Motor Company Mexico. The tour began with a group of engineers who explained the design creation process prior to construction of a car, as well as all safety issues that should be reviewed in detail during it. Subsequently, they met the recording forum where the sales force is trained every day.