OREANDA-NEWS. August 20, 2015. In connection with the entry into force of the Provision of the Council of Ministers No 589 of June 13, 2015 “On amendments and additions to the Rules for the Provision of Telecommunication Services”, which states that:

... the subscription fee for the current month shall be paid no later than on the 1st day of the next month, payment for local, long distance and international telephone connection as well as other telecommunication services shall be made no later than on the 1st  day of the month following the billing month for telecommunication services.

RUE Beltelecom informs all Subscribers that from August 25, 2015 RUE Beltelecom sets terms of payment for telecommunication services charged after their provision to Subscribers in accordance with the abovementioned norms.

In case of disagreement with the abovementioned changes a Subscriber should send to RUE Beltelecom a written cancellation within 30 days after this Offer is posted on the official website www.beltelecom.by, which will be considered by RUE Beltelecom as cancellation of the Agreement (Annex) on telecommunication services provision (hereinafter termed as “Agreement”).

In case of payment for the next invoice issued in accordance with the terms of this offer, it is considered that a Subscriber has agreed with the changed payment terms for telecommunication services and has concluded the relevant Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement.

Therefore, service payment time limit is increased up to 5 days. Previously, it was necessary to make payment for services provided before the 25th day of a current month, now it is necessary to make payment before the 1st day of the next months. For example, the payment for the services provided in August can be made before the 1st of October (according to the previous rules – before the 25th of September).