OREANDA-NEWS. FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima, hereinafter ‘Fujifilm’) is revamping its sales structure in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter ‘Indonesia’), which has a strong growth potential. The company's local subsidiary, PT. FUJIFILM INDONESIA (hereinafter ‘Fujifilm Indonesia’), which currently markets digital cameras, will start handling direct local sales of Fujifilm's main products including imaging products such as photographic paper, instant cameras and their films, medical system products such as digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems and X-ray films as well as graphic arts products such as offset printing plates and devices for sales expansion.

Indonesia has the largest land area and population in Southeast Asia, and has achieved real economic growth in excess of 5% since 2011. The country's continued increase of working population, increase of personal income and development of social infrastructures are expected to bring further economic growth, turning Indonesia into a massive market.

Since 1970s, Fujifilm has marketed its imaging products, medical system products and graphic arts products through a distributor in Indonesia. The introduction of direct sales of these products by Fujifilm Indonesia will enable marketing activities closely in line with the local market, directly identifying local needs and swiftly offering a comprehensive range of Fujifilm goods and services.

In the fast-growing ASEAN region, Fujifilm will use its local subsidiaries in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar to deliver ‘solutions that correspond to diversifying market needs’ in a timely manner, thereby contributing to the development of industries and cultures in each of the countries.