OREANDA-NEWS.  The cabinet today approved a draft law on canceling the obligation to apply stamp for entrepreneurs. Thus, the procedure that is currently compulsory for entrepreneurs will be optional and will reduce the costs for starting a business by about 30 per cent in Moldova.

"In the context of modern technologies' development, the stamp applied on a document can no longer guarantee veracity of the document. In this context,  the wet stamp becomes a rudimentary exercise that needs to be replaced by other methods of identification," Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari said.

Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet appreciated the initiative. "The draft law will allow us speeding up businesses' registration, which is an important indicator in the Doing Business analysis, and will stimulate private initiative. When there are ideas, development initiatives, there should be as few as possible impediments," the premier said.

The draft law was worked out by the Justice Ministry, along with representatives of civil society and professional circles, at an initiative of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister.

The experience of the European countries (the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium), as well as of the USA was analysed while elaborating the draft law. The example of the states shows that cancellation of obligation to apply stamp will facilitate development of entrepreneurship and will contribute to development of local and cross-border trade. 

The document is to be considered by parliament.