OREANDA-NEWS. For the first seven months of 2015 Sedan Datsun on-DO entered the Top 15 of the best-selling models in the Russian market, according to the Association of European Businesses. Thus, Datsun on-DO became one of the most popular cars in Russia during less than a year since the start of sales, informed the press service of the Datsun.

So, sales of Datsun from January to July 2015 were 20,746 vehicles, among which 15,589 sold units - Datsun on-DO. The market share of Japanese brand for the period was 2.3%. At the moment, it was sold more than 30 thousand cars Datsun totally since September of 2014.

Since the start of sales of the first model for Russia - a sedan Datsun on-DO - the brand is developing actively its dealer network across the country, regularly participates in state programs, and it offers its own credit programs, creating thus favorable conditions for the purchase of vehicles in its segment.

"Quality service at a low cost of ownership, as well as the expansion of own retail financing program make Datsun models the most attractive in its segment. That is why our first model - a sedan Datsun on-DO - included in the list of best-selling cars during less than a year since the start of sales and it is popular among car owners, "- said the head of Datsun in Russia, Dmitry Busurkin.