OREANDA-NEWS. August 21, 2015. By its order No. OD-2158, the Bank of Russia took a decision to appoint a provisional administration to Equipe Insurance Company, limited liability company (registration number in the unified state register of insurance agents 3543; location: 28 Trubetskaya Street, Bldg. 1, Moscow, 119048; TIN 7744000655; PSRN 1027739423260, hereinafter, the Company) from 18 August 2015.

The decision to appoint a provisional administration is taken due to the suspension of the Company’s insurance licence (Bank of Russia Order No. OD-1825, dated 30 July 2015).

The powers of the executive bodies of the Company are suspended.

Nikolay Guliashchikh (mailing address: 29/1 Skotoprogonnaya Street, Suite 607, Moscow, 109029), a member of the Association First Self-Regulatory Receiver Organisation (29/1 Skotoprogonnaya Street, Suite 607, Moscow, 109029), has been appointed as head of the provisional administration of the Company.