OREANDA-NEWS. Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc., today announced that it has published a new index named the Nomura Japan Consecutively Increased Dividend Stock Index. The index is a market - cap weighted index composed of Japanese stocks which have consecutively increased dividends for a certain period of time.

In companies that are increasing dividends consecutively, managers are expected to have a strong conviction in the growth of profits, which can be a source of dividends, and make active commitments to shareholders. The index aims to track the perfor mance of such stocks by passive investment.

Consecutively increased dividend stocks are defined as stocks whose actual dividend per share was consecutively increased for a certain period of time, and the constituents are selected from all stocks listed on Japan’s stock exchanges. In the methodology, Nomura focuses on the growth of regular dividends (excluding special dividends or commemorative dividends) to take recurring dividend payments into account.

The index is designed for concentrated investment in t he consecutively increased dividend stocks by restricting the number of constituents, where the individual stock weight is capped to avoid excessively investing in specific stocks. In order to accommodate operating businesses of the index - related products, the index methodology is designed to consider the tradability of constituents in terms of market cap and liquidity.

The index is calculated by Nomura, where the Quantitative Research Dept. is in charge of the development and the Index Operations Dept. is in charge of the calculation. Nomura will continue to provide products and services that meet investors’ needs by developing financial products linked with the index.


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