OREANDA-NEWS.  Bank CenterCredit JSC (Almaty), being a representative of holders of mortgage bonds KZP07Y10C336 (KZ2C00000461, TEBNb18) of ForteBank JSC (Almaty, hereafter – the Issuer), officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has by an official letter informed KASE of conducting a random check of the state of the pledge being a security for fulfillment of obligations of ForteBank JSC under the mentioned bonds, according to the pledge registry as of July 1, 2015.

Based on the check conducted Bank CenterCredit JSC informs you of the following:

"...For purposes of fulfillment of their liabilities the Representative has conducted a  random check of the state of pledged assets, according to the pledge registry to  Pledge agreement No. 124 dated May 31, 2010 as of July 1, 2015, being pledge  for fulfillment of liabilities of ForteBank JSC towards holders of bonds NIN  KZP07Y10C336.

Based on the conducted random check of the pledged asserts, the Representative reports that the pledge and value of the pledge ration of mortgage bonds meets requirements of the bond issue prospectus and pledge agreement.

Responsibility for the reliability of provided information necessary for conducting  an analysis of the state of assets being security of fulfillment of liabilities of  ForteBank JSC towards the bondholders rests with the management of  ForteBank JSC.

Additionally, we inform you that ForteBank JSC has provided a written undertaking saying that as a result of amendments and additions to the issue prospectus of bonds NIN KZP07Y10C336 (TEBNb18) does not violate the rights of owners of bonds.