OREANDA-NEWS. August 24, 2015. The Costa Fortuna will set sail from Amsterdam for an extraordinary cruise dedicated to members of the CostaClub, the club dedicated to those whose preferred vacation is a Costa cruise.

An incredible 10-day voyage to discover - for the first time ever in the CostaClub cruises history -  the spectacular landscapes of the Norwegian fjords, with a special program to enjoy Italys finest.

And all starting with music. An authentic Bel Canto cruise pulsating to the notes of the most famous opera arias, with the spotlight focused on the soprano Cecilia Gasdia (www.ceciliagasdia.it), an outstanding artist from the Italian opera scene who has performed in the worlds most famous Opera Theatres, along with the most celebrated directors and conductors, from Franco Zeffirelli and Claudio Abbado to Riccardo Muti and Zubin Metha.

Accompanied on the piano by her sister Elena, Cecilia Gasdia will thrill Guests with an exclusive and exciting concert.

Exquisite Italian cuisine will also hold a place of honour during the cruise on the Costa Fortuna. In addition to the new regional menus, with dishes created specially for this occasion, the world champion pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto (http://www.pasticceriabiasetto.it/index.html) will delight the palates of CostaClub members who, in the magnificent buffet dedicated just for them, will savour the famous Setteveli cake and the cascades of Macaron.

The cruise will beat to the rhythm of lots of special activities reserved for CostaClub Members: flash mobs, gastronomic competitions and singing challenges; festivities, cocktail parties, gala evening events and concerts. And, finally, exclusive gifts to celebrate in the all-Italian style.