OREANDA-NEWS. According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", as of August of 2015 General Motors has 410 dealerships in the Russian contracts. In particular, there are still 109 dealers Chevrolet, 130 dealers Opel and 148 dealers of plant «GM-AVTOVAZ" that sell a single model Chevrolet Niva. Moreover, in Russia there are 23 dealers Cadillac.

A year before, the dealer network included 504 GM dealer contracts (Chevrolet -164, Opel - 151, «GM-AvtoVAZ" - 162, Cadillac - 27). During this calendar year, the American concern General Motors dealership contracts terminated 107 (Chevrolet - 55, Opel - 22, «GM-AvtoVAZ" - 24, Cadillac - 6) and it signed 13 new ones, mainly Chevrolet Niva.

As the analysts of "AUTOSTAT" noted that the number of stand-alone dealerships, which is a part of GM network, is much smaller. Across the country, their number is over 200 and the bulk of them after the termination of contracts is continuing to work with other brands. It is closed completely 30 dealerships GM during this time.

According to the director of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Sergey Tselikov, the massive cuts of dealerships GM is coming. While dealers have something to do: they are selling the rest of cars with huge discounts, as well as decide the legal and financial issues with the American concern that decided to leave Russia. According to him, the main wave of closing dealerships Opel and Chevrolet will be held in the fourth quarter of this year.

It should be noted that General Motors promises that it will not leave many Russian consumers of their products and it will provide service, parts and warranty information in the proper volume.