OREANDA-NEWS. September 30, 2015. The global media test drive for the 2016 Ford Explorer came to a close in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where 28 of the most influential Chinese media were able to participate. The 25-day media drive toured through more than 10 U.S. cities, where 187 media outlets would take part.

Divided into two groups, Chinese media were about to enjoy the craft and capability of the Explorer’s platinum trim level, one that combines the best of the Limited and Sport editions and comes equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost Engine.

From Explorer Asia Pacific, Ginger Lantz-Pratt, product marketing manager; and Mike Arbaugh, chief designer, delivered the product presentation on the first day of the event. The presentation illustrated the new design features on the 2016 Explorer, as well as its technical and technological advancements and capabilities. The Platinum trim level also comes with a premium Sony sound system, which was also demonstrated by Sony employees at the event.

At the end of the media drive, there was a 2-day exploring program. The first day of the program consisted of a lead-and-follow test drive of all trim levels (limited, sport and platinum), allowing for a comprehensive drive experience.

Day two included a balloon ride to take in the stunning scenery of New Mexico, as well as a Breaking Bad themed tour of where the popular TV series was set in Albuquerque. Media were also afforded an opportunity to go on their own free-shooting routes.

Media were impressed with the event, as well as with the 2016 Explorer:

“The tough new face, the upscale interior and new engine performance of new Ford Explorer would be a great choice for Chinese consumer. I would like to have a more in-depth experience with limited and sport models later in China, but this was really a good trip. “

-       ZHANG kaihong, Bitauto

“I just love driving in new Ford Explorer and the stunning west US scenic view with ancient Indian culture.””

-       SONG Haitao, Auto World

“The mix of lead-and-follow test drive and free-shooting allow us to experience the mighty multifunction and strong power of new Ford Explorer with the team, and to explore more by ourselves.”

-       MIAO Yu, Car Bingo

“I was so impressed by 2.3L EcoBoost performance in this large boxy SUV.”

-       ZHANG liwei, Modern Weekly

“As a big fan of Breaking Bad, it was really amazing to drive the new Ford Explorer in the themed tour! Both the Explorer and the tour were a big surprise for me!”

ZHUANG Jian tao, China Auto Pictorial