OREANDA-NEWS. RusHydro has put into operation renovated hydraulic unit (HU) No. 2 at Cheboksarskaya HPP. Power Machines specialists has recovered rotating blade operation mode of the hydraulic turbine and also manufactured a new stator for the hydraulic generator.

The renovated impeller blades can change their angle depending on the load and pressure head thus increasing the efficiency of the hydraulic unit operation. At present 8 of the 18 hydraulic turbines of the plant are turned to the rotating blade operation mode. Furthermore, the hydraulic turbines of Cheboksarskaya HPP have environmentally friendly design with oil-free impeller hubs. This eliminates even a hypothetical possibility of oil ingress in the water.

Large-scaled works at HU No. 2 within the framework of the RusHydro's Comprehensive Retrofit Program (CRP) started in January 2014. Hydraulic unit No. 2 has become the first unit at Cheboksarskaya HPP where the stator is replaced. The renovation will allow to extend the service life of the generator and improve its performance.

In addition, three more hydraulic units of Cheboksarskaya HPP are being at various stages of their retrofit at the moment. Hydraulic power engineers have already sent the hydraulic turbine impeller of HU No. 13 to the manufacturer in order to recover its rotating blade operation mode. The old generator stator is being dismantled from the same hydraulic unit now.

The impeller of hydraulic turbine No. 10 renovated by Power Machines is being assembled now at the plant installation site by specialists of Hydroremont VVK JSC (RusHydro subsidiary), headed by a supervising engineer of the manufacturer. And the new generator stator is being assembled immediately at HU No. 10. Also hydraulic unit No. 5 of the plant is being disassembled now in order to renovate the turbine and replace the stator.