OREANDA-NEWS. October 01, 2015. NTT DOCOMO, INC. unveiled today its 2015 winter/2016 spring lineup of mobile devices — 10 smartphones, one each tablet, feature phone and mobile Wi-Fi® router — which will launch in Japan from October.

The diverse new collection will satisfy a wide range of needs in a variety of colors and sizes and features advanced mobile technologies, including an ultra-HD 4K camera and display, an expanded lineup of smartphones with biometric authentication, smartphones and one mobile Wi-Fi router compatible with DOCOMO's LTE-Advanced next-generation mobile communication service PREMIUM 4GTM, and more.

Some of the many features of DOCOMO's new lineup are as follows:

  • The XperiaTM Z5 Premium SO-03H is a world-first1 ultra-HD 4K smartphone. Users will be able to shoot and watch videos at four times the resolution of Full HD.
  • Seven smartphones and one Wi-Fi router are compatible with DOCOMO's ultra-fast PREMIUM 4G LTE-Advanced. Of these, the AQUOS® ZETA SH-01H and the Wi-Fi STATION N-01H offer a maximum 300Mbps2 downlink, enabling exceptionally fast transmission of large amounts of data, such as video files.
  • The XperiaTM Z5 SO-01H and other five smartphones feature biometric authentication supported by the FIDO® (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an international nonprofit organization driving standardization of password-less online authentication. This technology eliminates the need to physically input a password when using online shopping sites, including DOCOMO's own e-commerce portal "d shoppingTM."
  • The NexusTM 5X smartphone is preinstalled with Google's latest AndroidTM 6.0 operating system. Other DOCOMO smartphones will be upgraded to Android 6.0 soon.
  • The newest model in the Disney Mobile on docomo series, a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., features unique designs and content.
  • Nine smartphones in the lineup are compatible with Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) international calls outside of Japan. Extra-high-quality voice and video calls will be possible via DOCOMO's WORLD WINGTM outbound roaming service, starting in October 7 initially in South Korea. DOCOMO will be the first mobile operator in Japan to offer VoLTE international roaming service3 which it will expand into other countries going forward.
  • One feature phone is compatible with i-modeTM and features the Osaifu-KeitaiTM (mobile phone with wallet functions), Bluetooth® and robust dust- and water-proofing.
  • New products, including OHaNAS, an interactive voice-activated toy developed by DOCOMO and TOMY Company, Ltd., will be added to the lineup for "docomo select," a mobile shopping site dedicated to accessories and peripherals for DOCOMO smartphones, tablets and feature phones.