OREANDA-NEWS. Through invoice purchasing product companies can sell their issued invoices for goods or services and receive payment already on the following day. This new and innovative financing product is a modern alternative to traditional factoring provided by commercial banks. Additional information on the product is available on the wepbage www.pardodrekinu.lv. It is planned that the new product will allow Capitalia to attract new clients as well as offer additional services to the existing customers     

In addition to invoice purchasing, JSC Capitalia continues to offer other financing products to small and medium sized businesses, among which are also loans with government's co-financing. Capitalia is the leading financing and financial advisory provider for small and medium enterprises in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The company offers convenient financing that is an alternative to traditional bank financing. To date Capitalia has financed more than 500 enterprises, investing over EUR 10m in growth of SMEs.