OREANDA-NEWS. October 01, 2015. Ford was one of the companies awarded by S?o Bernardo City Hall regarding the "rational use of water" at its plant located in this town. The Environmental Sustainability Award aims to highlight the contributions and achievements of companies in this field.

The Sao Bernardo plant reduced its water consumption over the last five years at about 35.8%, saving 863 700 m? (equivalent to 863 700 water house tanks of 1,000 liters each). The actions to improve the use of water include the dry Cleaning process of fleet vehicles, the Installation of reduction flow valves and water meters, the deployment of daily rounds, harvesting rainwater for reuse, making campaigns of rational and conscious use of water, among others.

Sao Bernardo is one of cities in the state of S?o Paulo where the water supply is in critical condition due to drought in the region.