OREANDA-NEWS. Fitch Ratings has issued a presale report for Discover Card Execution Note Trust, Class A (2015-3). Fitch expects to rate the transaction as follows:

--\\$500,000,000 class A (2015-3) 'AAAsf(EXP)'; Outlook Stable.

Fitch's ratings are based on the underlying receivables pool, available credit enhancement, Discover Bank's underwriting and servicing capabilities, and the transaction's legal and cash flow structures, which employ early redemption triggers.

The transaction structure will be the same as class A (2015-2), with credit enhancement totalling 24.50% for class A.

Fitch models three different scenarios when evaluating the rating sensitivity compared to expected performance for credit card asset-backed securities transactions: 1) increased defaults; 2) a reduction in purchase rate, and 3) a combination stress of higher defaults and lower Monthly Payment Rate (MPR).

Decreasing purchase rate alone has the least impact on rating migration even in the most severe scenario of a 100% decrease in purchase rate. The rating sensitivity to an increase in defaults also does not have any rating migration. The harshest scenario assumes both stresses to defaults and MPR to occur simultaneously. The ratings would only be downgraded under the severe stress of a 75% increase in defaults and 35% reduction in MPR.

To date, the transactions have exhibited strong performance with all performance metrics within Fitch's initial expectations. For further discussion of our sensitivity analysis, please see the related presale report. For a discussion of the representations, warranties, and enforcement mechanisms available to investors in this transaction please see the related presale appendix.

No third party due diligence was provided or reviewed in relation to this rating action.