OREANDA-NEWS. In October 2015, Metinvest has launched supplies of rolled plates certified in accordance with both EN 10025-2 and GOST 14637 for sale in Ukraine. Local steel structure and machinery manufacturers can now buy plates that are in stock to produce goods both for the domestic market and for export. Semi-finished products or export orders according to EU standards were previously produced by special order, which substantially extended lead times.

Metinvest has been consistently pursuing a campaign to support the export potential of steel users - enterprises and plants that manufacture steel structures, equipment, and machinery. As domestic demand is weak, ramping up export orders is a priority task to ensure that the country's steel consumption bounces back.   

As part of this initiative, Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol streamlined the manufacturing of rolled plates made of S235JR/St 3 steel that are certified as complying with both EN 10025-2 and GOST 14637. The steel meets both European and Ukrainian quality standards in terms of chemical, physical and mechanical properties.

Hot-rolled plates can now be purchased on a small wholesale or retail basis from Metinvest-SMC's warehouses that offer steel processing companies an opportunity to improve their competitiveness in export markets by reducing lead times under contracts.    

In July of this year, the company embarked on an initiative to transition the Ukrainian galvanized steel market to EU standards: Metinvest-SMC is supplying galvanized coils and plates that correspond to DSTU EN 10346.