OREANDA-NEWS. Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) announced today that it is notifying holders of its 2.75% Contingent Convertible Senior Notes due 2035 (the “Notes”) that they have the option, pursuant to the terms of the Notes, to require Chesapeake to purchase on November 15, 2015 (the “Repurchase Date”) all or a portion of such holders’ Notes (the “Repurchase Option”). The repurchase price is equal to 100% of the aggregate principal amount of the Note, together with accrued but unpaid interest thereon, up to but not including the Repurchase Date (the “Repurchase Price”), provided that interest payable on November 15, 2015 will be paid to the holders in whose names the Notes are registered at the close of business on November 1, 2015, the record date prior to the Repurchase Date. Payment of the Repurchase Price will be made on November 16, 2015, which is the next succeeding business day following the Repurchase Date. If all outstanding Notes are surrendered for repurchase, the aggregate cash repurchase price will be approximately $396.0 million. Chesapeake intends to fund the Repurchase Price using available cash.