OREANDA-NEWS. October 05, 2015.  Starting from the beginning of next year, Ukraine will receive a new model of the asset declaration and monitoring for public servants as well as an open register of declarations, access to which will have every Ukrainian. This was stated by Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko at a press conference at the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to him, not only the National Anti-Corruption Agency but also every citizen will be able to see a declaration of every official from a head of the state to a head of district administration online on the site as soon as the open register of declarations starts operating.

"All information will be available online and open for the control of assets, income and expenses that are declared by a civil servant," he added.

The Justice Minister also informed: the work on the preparation of technical task for the creation of software to run the registry and monitoring system is being conducted by the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with international experts and civil society representatives over the past six months.

Director of the UN Development Programme in Ukraine Jan Thomas Hiemstra said that more than 100 countries already have the system of electronic declaration. According to him, the system will be very modern and comprehensive due to the fact that more than 1 million officials must submit their declarations.

"Another innovation, which is not available in many countries - every citizen can go to the site and see what this or that official possesses. It is important that the National Anti-Corruption Agency can have access to information and compare the declared with a way of life that an official leads," said Jan Thomas Hiemstra.

Expert of the World Bank team Dmytro Kotliar said that developed software that will form the basis of electronic declaration will have no analogs in the world.

"This is a very powerful and modern system, which has no analogs in the world," he said.