OREANDA-NEWS. October 05, 2015. At Fakuma 2015, Celanese (NYSE: CE), a global technology and specialty materials company, is issuing a challenge to designers, original equipment manufacturers and plastics processing firms: bring us your toughest design challenges and your struggles for cost and weight reduction and our technical experts will show how manufacturing with polymers from the extensive Celanese product line can solve your biggest challenges.

At Fakuma 2015, the 24th international trade fair for plastics processing, Celanese will showcase its innovative polymer solutions from October 13-17 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, for the industrial, automotive, medical, and consumer products segments.

Celanese product and solution highlights being demonstrated at Fakuma in Hall B2, Stand B2-2218 will include:

Hostaform® MetaLX® Metal-Effect POM – special metallic appearance for consumer products
Hostaform® MetaLX® Acetal Copolymer (POM) is an all-in-one solution that decreases costs by removing the need for painted parts because of the molded-in-color metal finish. Painting your applications as an additional step in your production cycle will be eliminated if MetaLX® POM is used. MetaLX® POM conserves aesthetics in the long term and improves the quality and design of the finished part.

Fortron® ICE PPS – speeding up production cycle times
Fortron® ICE is a new Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) technology with superior crystallization properties. It is especially suitable for parts with complex shapes or long cooling times, tight tolerances or for parts requiring improved flatness. For those parts, Fortron® ICE PPS increases productivity due to shorter cooling cycles.

CoolPoly® thermally conductive polymers (TCPs) – conducting heat the cool way
LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and advanced lighting systems are driving new challenges with regard to thermal management and electrical conductivity. The Celanese CoolPoly® D-Series, E-Series and Elastomer grades of TCPs are excellent solutions for heat dissipation, cost, and weight reduction in exterior and interior automotive lighting applications.

Hostaform® MT® SlideX™ POM – low wear, low-friction medical parts
The new Hostaform® MT® SlideX™ grades of POM were developed in response to the medical industry’s need for products with excellent sliding properties (low friction and wear) and low noise for the development of complex mechanical drug delivery and lancing devices. Hostaform® MT® SlideX™ POM is a competitive alternative to various kinds of tribologically modified compounds combined with the Celanese Medical Technology (MT®) service package.

Hostaform® XGC POM – a new generation of glass-reinforced POM
The Hostaform® XGC series of POM offers an enhanced balance of strength, stiffness, toughness at low temperatures, improved long-term creep and fatigue resistance for applications such as gear housings, drive gears, window lifting plates or sunroof guides. Hostaform® XGC POM utilizes Celanese’s hybrid backbone technology, providing enhancements in mechanicals versus existing glass fiber technology and closes the mechanical gap versus out-of-kind glass fiber reinforced PA- and PBT-based resins.

To see the Celanese Fakuma 2015 experience, visit Hall B2, Stand B2-2218 or visit http://www.celanese.com/Tradeshows/2015/Fakuma-2015.aspx.

Technical and commercial teams will be available at the Celanese booth to discuss upcoming projects with customers as well as how the extensive Celanese portfolio of engineered materials can help solve the design, manufacturing and processing challenges of today’s automotive, industrial, medical and consumer product OEMs.