OREANDA-NEWS. October 05, 2015. Vilnius Street Art, a street art festival returning for the third successive year, approaches the station district as a site of controversy and aims to change the public attitude towards it and its boundaries. An exceptional location – a 26 meter tower situated in the area of Vilnius Airport – was entrusted to the sole Lithuanian artist in the festival Antanas Dubra.

“The initiative undertaken by Vilnius Street Art this year to liven up the station district is indeed surprising and admirable. Though geographically Vilnius Airport is at a considerably remote distance from it, we, as well, are a station – we continuously handle vast passenger flows and are the face of the country which is first seen by people arriving from other countries by air transport. We wish to create as good impression about the capital as possible even before disembarking the plane – therefore, we have selected the place for the painting celebrating the aviation dream which is seen from a landed aircraft taxiing to the airport,” said Indr? Baltru?aitien?, Head of Communications and Marketing Department at Lithuanian Airports.

A well-established street artist was required for the location of strategic importance to the city - therefore, the festival organisers again invited Antanas Dubra, arguably the most famous street artist in Vilnius, to the festival. The city would be different without his wall paintings.

“The grumpy side of the moon” – that is what Antanas Dubra says about his work, where he turned the tower into the night and painted the moon on it. The plane flying next to the moon is insensibly drawing us into the reflections on the sky which is not a limit to contemporary aviation; instead, we have the moon as a new challenge. Antanas' work poses a rhetorical question – will we soon be able to rise to the moon from Vilnius Airport? We can at least dream about it day and night – because the painting on the tower is lit up in such a way that it is seen differently at different times of the day.

In the context of Vilnius Street Art the work by Antanas Dubra stands out for its untraditional and rather complex space – to paint curvy and really tall walls of the tower, the artist resorted to as many as two elevated work platforms. However, thanks to his rich and diverse experience, the artist coped with a complex task rather easily – Antanas' artistic profile features hard-work requiring projects: last year the artist participated in a street art festival in Malaysia, Urban Exchange; he continuously creates scenography and costumes for the theatre; he paints and works as an illustrator; he has also designed a label for the beer of the Vilnius Street Art festival entitled Soughing Walls.