OREANDA-NEWS. On September 30 a charity donor collection campaign was held in JSC Atomredmetzoloto. For the second time company’s employees together with “Gift of life” foundation donated their blood for the A.N.Bakulev Research Cardiovascular Surgery Centre. All collected blood, as doctors explained, will be used for seriously ill children treatment.

Both employees of the managing company and subsidiaries – JSC RUSBURMASH, JSC VNIPIprotekhnologii and LLC ARMZ-service took part in the campaign. Applications for participation were submitted by around fifty people. However, despite a big number of wishers, 28 people were able to donate blood. Above all, this is due to serious health restrictions such as cold, inoculations, previously suffered infection diseases.

Donation was held by the on-site team of the blood transfusion department of A.N.Bakulev Research Cardiovascular Surgery Centre in a mobile station conveniently located right at the entrance to ARMZ office.

“I’m donating blood for the first time, - tells Aleksey Kachalov, chief specialist of RUSBURMASH, - but for a specially organized campaign with a possibility to do it practically on-the-job, I, most likely, would not have decided”.

“Undoubtedly, blood donation is a very good initiative aimed not just at doing good but to gift a life to children, - shared his impressions Sergey Zavalishin, head of the legal department of JSC Atomredmetzoloto. – We got used to reacting when misfortune has already come. Why do we have to wait if there is a wonderful opportunity to help already today?”

As a result, approximately 13 liters of blood were delivered to the Bakulev centre. A part of it will be used already on the donation day for a complicated operation of a sick baby.

Like in a previous time, a sweet buffet, fixed meal, holidays and cash bonus stipulated by law were organized for donors. Compliments of the foundation – a small magnet with pictures of children whose lives were saved.

“It is nice that the initiative finds responses among colleagues, - comments Victoria Strochilina, campaign organizer and chief specialist of HR-directorate. – This time our number has growth – we were joined by specialists of the United Uranium Holding. We are all a single team: we work together, we do good deeds together. I think that the campaign will become well-established in our company, and aid to children will become a good annual tradition”.