OREANDA-NEWS. AS “Ventspils nafta” has received notifications from Rudolf Meroni, David Guy Anstis, J?nis Ber?is, Nauris Ber?is and Ivars B?rzi?? about resigning from their positions of members of the Supervisory Council.

They were nominated to the Supervisory Council by shareholder AS “Latvijas Naftas tranz?ts” which has sold their stake in AS “Ventspils nafta” recently.

The Supervisory Council continues to perform its duties in incomplete composition consisting of 6 out of 11 members: Vladimir Egger (chairman), Rubel Yilmaz (deputy chairman), Dzmitry Yudzin, Andrea Schlaepfer, Olga Kurenkova and Varvara Maximova.

About JSC “Ventspils nafta”

JSC “Ventspils nafta” is one of the largest groups of companies in Latvia and works in the petroleum product transport, transshipment, storage and shipping sector. JSC “Ventspils” nafta is the Group’s parent company, which manages investments in subsidiary companies, by promoting the Group’s joint values and growth in value of each individual company.

JSC “Ventspils nafta” owns 51% in “Ventspils nafta terminals” Ltd, which is the largest crude oil and petroleum product terminal in the Baltics; 66% in “LatRosTrans” Ltd, which is a Latvian-Russian joint venture in the Baltics; 49.94% in JSC “Latvijas kugnieciba”, which is among the largest ship owners in the world in the medium-sized and handy tankers category.

Shares of JSC “Ventspils nafta” (NASDAQ RIGA: VNF1R) are quoted in the Baltic Main List of the stock exchange NASDAQ Riga since October 20, 1998.