OREANDA-NEWS. This announcement corrects the version published on 3 August 2015 to include disclosure language relating to the shareholdings that Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd. and Thai Life Insurance Co. have in Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Ltd. and Sri Lanka Insurance Corp. Ltd has in Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited, which was missing from the previous version.

Fitch Ratings has completed a portfolio review covering 34 insurance groups within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) insurance sector focused exclusively on application of Fitch's recently updated notching criteria for the insurance industry. The purpose of the review was to identify any ratings that should be changed as a result of the application of the updated notching criteria.

Fitch published updated insurance notching criteria on 14 July 2015, following publication of an initial exposure draft of proposed criteria on 12 May 2015. The updated notching criteria appear in Section VI of the insurance master criteria report Insurance Rating Methodology.

Notching refers to the practice of establishing a given rating relative to a defined "anchor" rating, using guidelines linked to certain characteristics of the rating that is being notched. For Fitch's insurance ratings, the Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) Rating is the initial anchor rating, and other ratings that are notched relative to it include Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) of operating and holding companies, and debt/hybrid obligation ratings.

Fitch updated its notching criteria in light of changes in the regulatory landscape, including the movement in Europe and other jurisdictions to Solvency 2 or a Solvency 2-type regulatory framework. As a result, from a global perspective, notching changes are more pronounced in Europe and other such jurisdictions, and more limited in the U.S. and similarly regulated countries.

For this ratings review, the key rating driver was the impact of updated notching criteria. See most recently published rating action commentaries or research reports for additional information on other key ratings drivers pertinent to specific entity ratings.

Not applicable to this portfolio review given its limited focus on implementation of updated notching criteria. See most recently published rating action commentaries or research reports for additional information on rating sensitivities pertinent to specific entity ratings.

A link to a summary report that details all of the rating actions taken as part of the portfolio review is available via the link in this media release.

The linked summary report includes:
--A full list of ratings and related rating actions
--A hyperlink to each rated entity's ratings summary page on the Fitch website
--Primary analyst and secondary analyst contact information
--Participation status

The review has resulted in six ratings being upgraded, two ratings being downgraded and 47 ratings being affirmed.

While included in the APAC insurance sector, the ratings for the following groups and entities were not reviewed as part of the portfolio review. These entities' ratings were previously updated to reflect the new notching criteria, with details available via the ratings announcement links below.

-- China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. and entities/debts
-- QBE Insurance Group Limited and entities/debts
-- Suncorp Group Limited and entities
-- Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited and debt
-- Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co and debts

The portfolio review was limited in scope, and only included an assessment of updated notching criteria as outlined in Section VI (Notching: Debt, Hybrid, IFS Rating and Holding Companies) of Fitch's insurance master criteria. None of the factors outlined in Section I (Key Rating Factors) of the master criteria, or any other elements discussed in the master criteria, were reviewed. Where relevant, Fitch considered the appropriateness of the relative ranking of ratings in the APAC insurance sector, after initial consideration of updated notching guidelines, as part of the portfolio review.