OREANDA-NEWS. Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted an analysis of changes in prices for cars of all brands and models that are presented in the Russian market during the period from September of 2014 to October 1st, 2015.

The study showed that for the last year the retail price of new cars in Russia grew by 24%. The highest growth was recorded in January (+ 7.7%), and slightly less than in February (+4.3%) and April (+4.3%). From May to August this year, there was a reduction in prices (for 4 months -0.9%). In September of 2015 the price of new cars went up and in October-December it is expected the further increase.

At the same time, the weighted average price of the car (including sales volume) for the year increased slightly less - only by 16.5%. According to the director of "AUTOSTAT", Sergey Tselikov, it is connected with the fact that the structure of the market this year has changed towards cheaper compact cars.

As a basis for the analysis there were taken official price-lists of distributors without discounts and special offers. The calculation of the average price index included 312 models of passenger cars that were in the market throughout the year. Models that received significant updates or new versions during the study period were excluded from the calculation.