OREANDA-NEWS. An analysis, conducted by the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", showed that in 2015 not only the volume of sales reduced significantly (8 months -34%), but also it was reduced the variety of brands and models in the market officially. Russians still have plenty to choose from, but the choice becomes smaller every month.

If we look at the statistics of the AEB, it is possible to ascertain such facts. In 2014, in the Russian market it was sold officially 388 models of 56 brands. In 2015, the number of brands that are providing AEB with statistics was reduced to 49 and the number of models was reduced to 366, by 6%. If you look at the last month (August), the number of sold models is even less - only 306, which is less by 20% than the last year's number.

Some brands disappeared completely from the market (eg. ZAZ, Bogdan, TagAZ, Dodge, Luxgen), others simply stopped to provide AEB with statistics (Ferrari, Maserati) and a number of brands (Opel, Chevrolet, Seat, Alfa Romeo) is on sale now for leftovers.

Analysts point out that many brands have now the optimization of model line for the Russian market. Some models are replaced by new generations or other models, while some of them are not supplied. Basically, these are the cars that are least popular among the Russians.

For example, Suzuki supplies no longer Kizashi, there are no sales of Splash and Swift. Mazda have gone to zero the sales of Mazda2 and Mazda5. Renault stopped the delivery of Latitude, Scenic and Clio. The Honda has almost zero sales of Accord, Civic and Pilot, so the company switched to supply all of its cars for pre-order, which will reduce more the volume of its sales.

At the same time, the emphasis of the automakers is not on a variety of model range, but on the promotion of its hits and most popular models. As we reported earlier, the fifteen best-selling models have 50% of the Russian car market, and more than 350 models are claimed on the other half of the market.

According to the director of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Sergey Tselikov, the process of optimization of model range for the Russian market has just begun and it will continue actively. It is associated not only with the reduced capacity of the market, but with the devaluation of the ruble. It becomes unprofitable to deliver many models to Russia. According to Sergey Tselikov it will be officially on sale no more than 300 models in our market the next year.