OREANDA-NEWS. Sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine at the end of September were down by 24.4% and they were 4376 units. According to the Association of Automakers of Ukraine "Ukrautoprom", for nine months of 2015, Ukraine sold 30 387 cars – it is less by almost 60% than the year before.

The fifth consecutive month, the leadership in the Ukrainian market is kept by Toyota, which sold in September 512 cars, which is less by 47% compared to the last year. The second place is kept by Renault with 392 sold cars (+ 8%) and the third result is shown by local brand ZAZ - 378 vehicles (-13%). Then Ford follows - American brand cars were chosen by 246 customers (4%). This time Skoda closes the "top-five" of leaders, whose dealers sold 234 vehicles (-20%).