OREANDA-NEWS. October 08, 2015. The State Enterprise MoldData and the Dutch company SpamExperts, which is one of the leading global email security specialists, have announced a new partnership in the fight against spam and malware in the Republic of Moldova. The action is a part of Cyber Security Programme, promoted by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. Before the identification of advanced technologies to fight against spam, MoldData used various local in-house anti-spam solutions; however they were not always effective, because they couldnt control and manage the spam volume. Since the implementation of Incoming and Outgoing Filtering, MoldData shall meet their customers needs and stop the risk of users receiving/sending harmful emails. It should be noted that MoldData hosting service users now benefit from free anti-spam services. The anti-spam technology was developed locally, based on the first public cloud platform in the Republic of Moldova, also applied by MoldData. 

Spam is a disaster for any hosting provider. Customers blame providers if emails are not sent while service providers, in their turn, blame customers for IP blacklisting due to hacked accounts. The SpamExperts solution is great because it can be implemented at local infrastructure level. This enhances customer trust. Additionally, anti-spam technology offers reporting possibilities in real time of spam and malware risks for each client separately, Dorian Bodiu, the MoldData CEO explained. 

On a daily basis we focus on developing certain corporate email security solutions for organizations to protect their infrastructures against internal and external spam attacks. Our most recent partnership with MoldData is another great opportunity to prove the quality and sustainability of our services, since we hope to build a successful business relationship, Sam Renkema, the SpamExperts CEO, mentioned.

MoldData is the national registrar of the .md top level domain names, coordinated by the MITC. It is one of the largest hosting providers and the first Cloud service provider in Moldova.