OREANDA-NEWS. October 09, 2015. According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", as of mid-2015 there are almost 41 million passenger cars in Russia. About 60% of them (24.4 million units) are produced in Russia. This number includes both clearly Russian brands and models (17.2 million units) and foreign cars, assembled in Russia (7.2 million units).

Every sixth car (6.9 million units, 16.8%) arrived to Russia from Japan, more than half of them (3.7 million units) are right-hand drive. Analysts say that in the Far East the share of Japanese cars is more than 80% of the parc, in Siberia - 37%, in the Urals - almost 15%, and in the European part of the country from 6% (North Caucasus) to 10.5% (center and northwest ).

Slightly more than 3.3 million (8.1%) of operating in Russia cars were produced in Germany. More than 1.1 million units were produced in Korea, about 1 million in the UK, 740,000 - in Ukraine, 722,000 - in France, 715,000 - in Uzbekistan, 423,000 - in the United States, 403,000 - in the Czech Republic.

In general, there are operated cars produced in 40 countries in Russian. By the way, directly from China to Russia it was imported only 182,000 cars, which corresponds to 0.3% of the parc. At the same time it was assembled almost twice more of Chinese cars in Russia - more than 340 thousand units.