OREANDA-NEWS. October 12, 2015. Through individual efforts and by joining with their fellow co-workers, MPC’s thousands of employees work to make the communities where they live – and where MPC operates – stronger, safer and more prosperous.

Cleaning up public spaces, fundraising for United Way, contributing to law enforcement, participating in charity runs and walks, serving those in financial distress, contributing to the education of our young people… these activities and dozens more are integral to many employees’ lives, and are integral to MPC’s role as a responsible corporate citizen. “We recognize that there are almost as many causes deserving of support as there are people in our company,” says Paul Smith, MPC’s Administrative Services manager. “We have a sizable budget allocated each year to cultural and scientific organizations, scholarships, educational institutions, United Way and more. But we also take a grassroots approach and ask our employees to help determine where our philanthropic dollars should go.”

One way this is done is through MPC’s Local Giving network, which consists of charitable giving committees at locations where MPC has major operations. These groups, because they are most familiar with the unique needs of their communities, make decisions about how the company’s charitable contributions can have the most positive impact on those who live nearby.

Another way to tap our employees’ collective wisdom about where company donations will do the most good is MPC’s Volunteer Incentive Program. For a community-based public charity at which an employee or his or her spouse volunteers at least 24 hours in a calendar year, MPC will donate \\$500, for a total of \\$1,000 per family each year.

While there is great variety in the organizations and causes to which we donate, what all our philanthropic donations have in common is that they align with our values: health and safety, environmental stewardship, an inclusive culture, integrity and corporate citizenship.