OREANDA-NEWS. October 12, 2015. FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will showcase the newly developed FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1(FD32x12.5) and FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 (FH32x15.6) as reference exhibits, at the Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO 2015) in Tokyo and the 15th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2015). The 32x Zoom lenses are compatible with larger format sensors, FD32x12.5 with 1/1.8 format and FH32x15.6 with 2/3 and deliver premium-quality full-HD pictures across the entire Zoom range for long-range surveillance for national borders and remote locations.

User needs in the surveillance systems market are shifting from being able to see to being able to identify. In the long-range surveillance segment for national borders, ports, sensitive facilities and remote locations in particular, camera sensors are becoming larger to deliver full-HD pictures and high sensitivity in low light conditions, in order to achieve a higher level of identification performance. Users are increasingly seeking high-resolution performance capable of capturing a subject across their entire zoom range outdoors, especially in low light, long distance, fog and other adverse conditions.
To meet these market needs, Fujifilm is introducing full-HD, long-range 32x lenses FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 and FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 and expand the line-up for surveillance lenses with tapping into the optical technologies developed over many years.

Main features of FD32x12.5 and FH32x15.6

1. Full-HD and compatible with large size sensors

  • These lenses can capture full-HD, high definition pictures across their entire 32x zoom range.
  • In response to market needs for color surveillance even in low light, they are designed for the larger 1/1.8 and 2/3 formats, which are emerging as mainstream in long-range surveillance for higher sensitivity, thereby boosting the identification performance of surveillance systems.
  • In order to accommodate full-HD systems, the lenses feature the flange focal length adjustment function, enabling focus settings of greater precision.

2. Expanded interface

  • The lenses support both analog and serial interfaces, giving lens control choices to customers according to their existing systems.
  • The widely used protocol Pelco-D is now supported as well as FUJIFILM unique C10.

3. Equipped with a visible light cut filter

  • The visible light cut filter creates a de-fogging effect with an IR camera, frequently used in long-range surveillance and keep clear image quality.

4. Improved installation to the housings

  • The lenses main unit is approx. 20% smaller in height compared to Fujifilms existing 32x zoom lenses to enable combination with a greater range of outdoor surveillance system housings.
  • They feature a larger seat for being affixed to a housing, and a total of six affixing holes for improved installation stability.

[ FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 / FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 Main specifications ]

Product name FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1
Resolution Full-HD 2MP* Full-HD 2MP**
Sensor size (max.) 1/1.8 2/3
Focal length 12.5 - 400 mm 15.6 - 500 mm
Zoom magnification 32x 32x
Iris range (F no.) F3.1 - F16 F3.9 - F16
Focusing range
(From front of the lens)
? - 3m ? - 3m
Iris Operation Auto (DC / Video Type) Auto (DC / Video Type)
Angle of view
(HxV) ?4:3?
2/3 Wide 3056x2336
Tele 1 2x046
1/1.8 Wide 3054x2332 2523x1914
Tele 1 2x046 050x038
1/3 Wide 2114x16 2 1720 x134
Tele 042x031 034x025 
Mount C C
Body size (max.)
108x114x251 mm
(258 mm at ? )
108x114x256 mm
(263 mm at ?)
Weight Approx. 2.8kg Approx. 2.9kg
  • * When used on a camera with a 1/1.8-format sensor
  • ** When used on a camera with a 2/3-format sensor
  • *** The products specifications and exterior appearances are as of the time of launch (October 9, 2015) and are subject to change without notice.