OREANDA-NEWS. Fitch Ratings' Risk Radar identifies a sharp slowdown in China's economy as the alternative scenario with the greatest risk to the agency's credit ratings portfolio. Regional and global spillover would affect a broad range of issuers. Our ratings case is for a gradual slowdown, but equity market volatility and yuan devaluation highlight the economic adjustment and deleveraging challenges China is facing.

Risk Radar 3Q15.

In its interactive report, published today, Fitch discusses the impact a China hard landing would have on ratings and breaks down the impact on asset classes for the regions where the shock would hit hardest. In Asia, besides China itself, major emerging-market commodity exporters and small export-oriented economies would be most affected. The impact in Latin America would vary depending on trade links with China and sensitivity to commodities.

Lack of growth is also a challenge in Europe. The report analyses how eurozone deflation and zero growth would affect Fitch's ratings across multiple asset classes. Other pressing alternative scenarios, including persistently low oil prices and higher US interest rates, are also detailed.

Fitch's interactive Risk Radar frames the potential impact macroeconomic risks could have on Fitch's ratings portfolio and their relative urgency. Interconnected markets mean similar issues may have an impact on multiple asset classes. The Risk Radar provides independent and objective views on potential risks not currently incorporated into Fitch's base case analysis, and their potential ratings impact by asset class.

The interactive Risk Radar is available on www.fitchratings.com.