OREANDA-NEWS. Since the launch in September of 2014 until September of this year, Russia had sold more than 34 thousand new cars Datsun, among which more than 23 thousand cars - in 2015. "As you can see, customers came to us. And many of them are young people under the age of 35 years – their share is about 35% of buyers Datsun mi-DO”, - said Dmitry Busurkin, the director of brand Datsun in Russia in an interview with MotoPage.ru

According to the "AUTOSTAT" agency, the most in demand Datsun cars were in the Samara region (7.0% of the total market is in the region). In second place – there is Moscow region (6.1% share). Then Bashkortostan (6.1%), Moscow (5.8%) and Tatarstan (4.7%) follow. The top-10 regions, where the most demanded cars Datsun-on-DO and Datsun-mi-DO, included Chelyabinsk (4.1%), Rostov (3.8%), Voronezh (3.7%) and Orenburg ( 3.4%) regions and the city of St. Petersburg (3.4%). In general, "a dozen" of leading regions has provided more than 47% of the market of Datsun.

Recall now the dealer network has 59 dealers Datsun in 53 cities across the country. By the end of the year it is planned to increase up to 70 companies.