OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2015. Chelyabinsk Pipe plant and Pervouralsk Pipe plant (both part of ChelPipe Group) have manufactured and shipped 700 t of gas lift pipes to TEK-Mosenergo Group, which is designing and building Yakutsk Regional Power Plant-2 (Yakutsk). The products of Chelyabisnk and Pervouralsk Pipe plants will be used in the construction of a pipeline on the rack between the power plant's primary and secondary facilities.

The job order included pipes of 09G2S grade steel, dia. 89 mm and 108 mm, wall thickness 4 mm; dia. 219 mm, wall thickness 7 mm (Pervouralsk Pipe plant's schedule) and dia. 426 mm, wall thickness 10 mm (ChelPipe's schedule). Most of the pipes were fabricated from Iron Ozone 32 electric-arc furnace plant's own workpieces. Given that the pipes will be operated in harsh continental climate, the Customer set out extra requirements to notch impact tests at -60?С. Besides, each pipe got plastic plugs on both ends to protect against internal corrosion.

Currently, the Group's plants are executing one more job order for the fabrication and supply of pipes for TEK-Mosenergo.