OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, sums up international and national roaming results. Between June and August, mobile data traffic of travellers around Russia surged 60-fold compared to the same period last year.

In summer of 2015, mobile operations of Tele2 subscribersin national roaming have shown a sharp upward trend. The number of phone calls doubled as compared to June-August last year. At the same time the number of SMS sent from all over the world has increased 34%.

Mobile data traffic downloaded in Russia skyrocketed 60-fold as compared to summer last year. This once again is proving affordability and simplicity of Tele2 services. Starting from November 2014, Tele2 launched high-speed wireless Internet in 57 Russian regions having substantially expanded the area of use for the service. Besides, since May 2015 Tele2 subscribers may use mobile Internet in national roaming at their home region’s tariffs.

In 2015, Tele2 subscriberswho travelledabroad spent over 8 mn minutes speaking on the phone and sent over 7 mn SMS. Data traffic of Tele2 clients abroad rose 24% as compared to last summer.

Most visited travel destinations were Kazakhstan, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Greece. Apart from popular resorts, Tele2 subscribers traveled to long-haul getaways including Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Faroe Islands, Tanzania, Surinam and others.

More information on tariffs and additional services is available at the company’s official website at tele2.ru. Tele2 subscribers may use a free-toll online roaming calculator at roaming.tele2.ru. The service allows subscribers to evaluate a cost of phone calls and SMS during their trip.