OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2015. The customer and seller dynamic has changed considerably due to the rise of digital. Not so long ago, if a buyer wanted more information about a product or service, they would need to contact a salesperson to learn more. Now, a buyer can obtain a plethora of product information, demos, pricing information, product and company reviews and see if he or she is already connected with a company employee in a matter of seconds. Today’s buyers are more empowered and are opting to pre-qualify their vendors before reaching out. This shift has made prospecting more difficult. Contact them too early, and you risk alienating them; contact them too late and you risk losing the conversion. What’s a company to do?

The answer is simple: sales teams need to change the way they sell. Instead of casting a wide net, cold-calling and hoping something will bite, it makes sense for small businesses to focus their sales and marketing efforts on very specific targets that have better returns. It sounds a little counterintuitive, right? Narrow down your targets in order to expand your pipeline? But it’s true. Focusing on delivering the most relevant messaging to the right people at the moment they need to hear it will help you fill your pipeline faster. In our new e-book, Expand Your Pipeline: 6 Small Business Tips for Growing Your Prospect Base, we show you how with the right tools, your sales team can sell smarter and save time.

What the E-book is About

Expanding your sales pipeline and keeping it filled is a major focus of most small businesses. Instead of wasting time and resources chasing leads that may not convert, focus efforts on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:

Define Your Ideal Prospect
Targeting your ideal prospect doesn’t mean that you’re excluding people who don’t fit your criteria. It’s just helping you target your marketing dollars and branding your message to a specific market.

Target and Build Your Audience
Today’s innovative technology allows you to target and build your audience, based on your exact criteria, in just a few seconds.

Use Data From Reliable Sources
We rely on data to inform our decisions, but it’s available from thousands of sources. How do we know what data is accurate and what is outdated or incorrect?

Enrich Data for Lead Scoring
The more you know about your prospect, the better prepared you’ll be when speaking to them, understanding their business, and anticipating their needs.

Build a Clear Territory Strategy
By aligning sales teams to specific territories (industry, geographic, and product-based), small businesses can make the most of their resources and keep costs down.

Know Your Prospects Before You Call
Putting all of these pieces together. Imagine walking into a meeting or jumping onto a call confidently, prepared with prospect details and relevant information.