OREANDA-NEWS. The KrAZ-5401К2 rear loader garbage truck is another novelty made by KrAZ for public works sector of Ukraine. This vehicle has been built in partnership with  "Advanced Trucks", Kiev. This special vehicle will be used to keep clean and tidy Bukovina, the region where it was delivered to the client from Storozhynets (Tchernovtsy region) last week. The truck was purchased as part of Cross-Border Waste Management Tool for Rural Localities Program initiated by Ukraine-Romania-Republic of Moldova Cross-Border Cooperation Operational Program Financing Agreement ЕISP 2007-2013 and Framework Agreement  between the Government of Ukraine and Commission of European Communities. The funding was through grants of this project.

This is the first rear loader garbage truck based on the KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis provided with 16 cu.m. body, Eurto-4 engine rated at 312 hp, 1: 6 compaction ratio and diesel fuel consumption of 28 l/100 km.

It should be recalled that the KrAZ-5401Н2 4х2 chassis offering maximum commonality and ready for conversion into special vehicles powered with various power packs is one of the last novelties of KrAZ.  It features lighter suspension and chassis made from cold-formed channel bars using high-strength metal of Voestalpine AG (Austrian Group) instead of hot-rolled ones. The vehicle has ergonomic cab. At customer's request the vehicle is available with engines rated at various horsepower made by different manufacturers.  

Though being made this spring the KrAZ-5401Н2 is increasingly in demand by Ukrainian public works services and machine building plants. The similar chassis have been provided with sludge pumping and vacuum equipment, refrigerator van.  The KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis design allows to upfit with over 30 special superstructures with weight of up to 10 tonnes for use in urban cycle.

The KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis is very maneuverable vehicle offering turning radius of  8,5 m and  excellent value for money.

Adding new advanced vehicles to its lineup "AutoKrAZ" plans to substitute imported vehicles with efficient light special vehicles made by national manufacturer.