OREANDA-NEWS. In September, the European passenger car market (EU28+EFTA) continued the positive trend with new vehicle registrations up 9.8% for the month to more than 1,394,000 units. For the nine months year - to - date, registrations were up 8.8% to nearly 10,777,000 vehicle.

FCA c losed the month with sales up 15.6% over September a year ago to 79,700 vehicles. This marked the ninth consecutive month that the Group has outperformed the industry average , taking European market share to 5.7% (+30 basis points). For the year - to - date, FCA sales were up 13.5% to nearly 668,000 vehicles and share increased to 6.2% (+30 basis points).

FCA posted sales increases in all major European markets, for both September and the year - to - date, and outpaced the industry in nearly every market. In Italy , sales were up 20.4% for the month and 17.5% for the year - to - date. There were also solid increases in Germany (+4.5% in September and +8.7% year - to - date), France (+17.0% in September and +13.7% year - to - date), the UK (+10.8% in September and +4.1% year - to - date) and Spain (+26.6% in September and +28.6% year - to - date).

Fiat brand posted a 15.0% year - over - year increase in September with 60,600 vehicles sold . M arket share was 20 basis points higher at 4.3%. For the year - to - date, the brand’s European sales were up 10.6% to more than 503,000 vehicles and share was 4.7% (+10 bps).

For the major European markets , the brand posted particularly positive September sales in Italy (+23.8%), France (+23.1%), the UK (+5.6%) and Spain (+23.1%). Y ear - to - date, sales were higher in Italy (14.3%), Germany (4.1%), France (+17.9%) and Spain (+27.2%). Fiat maintained its lead in the European A segment with the 500 and Panda accounting for a combine d 27.2% share in September and nearly 28.0% for the year - to - date. Launched in m arkets across Europe in July, the new 500 contributed to the model ’s A - segment leadership for both the month and the year - to - date. The 500L also ranked number one in the Small MPV segment for both September and the year - to - date. With more than 66,300 vehic les sold so far this year, the 500L held a 22.5 % segment share. The 500X also made a strong contribution , having firmly establish ed itself among the most popular models in the Small SUV segment with more than 50,000 units sold so far this year. In Italy, t he 500X was the best selling vehicle in its segment for the month and the year - to - date. The 500 family continues to be popular across Europe, with 62.4% of sales generated outside of Italy.

Lancia/Chrysler posted September sales of 4,700 vehicles and mark et share was 0.3%. Year - to - date, brand sales across Europe totaled more than 48,300 units and market share was 0.4%. In Italy, Lancia’s core market, brand sales were up 3.8% for the year - to - date and sales of the Ypsilon increased 11.9%.

Alfa Romeo posted September sales of 5,000 vehicles and market share remained stable at 0.4%. September sales were up 11% year - over - year in Italy and 35.2% in Austria. Year - to - date, the brand’s European sales totaled 43,500 units , with increases of 7.8% in Italy and 28.2% in Austria, and market share was 0.4%. S ales of the Giulietta were up 6.5% year - over - year in September and 0.6% for the year - to - date.

Jeep marked its 23rd - consecutive month of sales growth in September with unit s ales up 132.5% to more than 8,500 vehicles. Market share was double the prior year’s level at 0.6%. The brand posted increases in all major European markets, significantly outpe rforming the industry average. By market, unit sales were up 251.6% in Italy, 4 4.1% in Germany, 148.3% in France, 175.2% in the UK and 221.2% in Spain. Year - to - date, sales increased 158.7% to 65,700 vehicles and market share doubled to 0.6%. Those results were driven by the continued strong performance of the new Jeep Renegade, which has established itself firmly among the top ten in the European Small SUV segment . The Renegade continues to gain momentum with more than 40,000 units sold so far in 2015.

For Ferrari and Maserati , the Group’s luxury brands, European sales totaled 687 ve hicles in September and 5,774 for the year - to - date.