OREANDA-NEWS. FSBI "Center of agrochemical service "Omsk" concluded the analysis of the production of fodder plant "Pushkinsky" and gave the company certificates of conformity All - Union State Standard.

Fodder Plant "Pushkinsky" finished the certification of its products. As well as the manufacturing plant is flexible and allows to change the feed formula according to the request of the customer, the company has received compliance certificates from All - Union State Standard to the whole range of feed for poultry, cattle and pigs.

Currently the plant is stockpiling raw material, gets the harvest from the fields of APK "Titan" and other Omsk farmers. Freshly harvested grain must be laid up in stores a month and a half and then go into production. And now the plant is preparing for production of commercial batches of product, manufactured from the harvest of grain crops this year and harvested earlier in the beginning of August. Among the first recipients of the feed there will be the Group undertaking of APK "Titan", which acquires more, than 400 tons for fattening cattle.

There also planned a shipment of feed for October counterparties, that previously have been concluded the preliminary contract (LLC "Agrosfera", FE "D. V. Demkin", LTD. "Contact North - West" and others). The plant concluded 15 preliminary agreements, currently undergoing negotiations with new counterparties.

Recall, that Fodder plant "Pushkinsky" (separate subdivision of LLC "Titan-agro") is included into the project "Biocomplex", which is realized by GC "Titan" together with the Government of Omsk region on public-private partnership. The company was opened on 30 of June 2015.