OREANDA-NEWS. Selectica, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLTC), a leading global provider of SaaS enterprise contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, supplier management, and procure-to-pay solutions has launched a global rebrand to Determine™ (NASDAQ: DTRM) effective today.

Over the past two years, Selectica has been actively transforming its business model through the key acquisitions of Iasta and b-pack. The company has evolved from a predominantly contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions provider, to a leading strategic sourcing and procure-to-pay powerhouse, with the addition of enterprise contract lifecycle management and robust business analytics. Today, Determine now integrates these acclaimed 'visionary' Gartner Magic Quadrant solutions and four collective decades of business acumen onto one platform as part of a unified brand with a single customer promise.

"The new Determine brand perfectly encapsulates the business and M&A strategy that we've been successfully executing the last two years. Customers will now have access to the enormous potential created by the deep synergies, innovations, capabilities, and experience of the three combined entities," explains Patrick Stakenas, President and Chief Executive Officer at Determine. "It's about solving real business problems and bringing together a new generation of innovative strategic sourcing, procure-to-pay and enterprise contract lifecycle management solutions supported with powerful business analytics. This allows enterprise customers to manage their close-looped processes with new vision, insight, and control and make calculated decisions that drive critical business results."

"Determine means 'delivering conclusions through analysis'. Determine's solutions empower our customers with a new level of visibility and execution into their previously unseen proprietary data, enabling them to turn their newfound insights into actionable intelligence. These insights enable our customers to make decisions which will deliver bottom-line business value; mitigate risks; control costs; and drive new revenue," said Jeffrey Grosman, Chief Operating Officer at Determine. "With Determine, customers can make smarter, more informed decisions like never before, with one platform, one brand, and one promise: Vision. Insight. Control."

Determine understands that businesses today are resource constrained. They must reduce costs and drive new revenue while investing in technology and solutions that not only deliver value, but also allow for timely, fact-based decision-making. Customers who are determined to succeed can achieve newfound clarity around their proprietary data through an intuitive, user-centric experience, and with clarity comes confidence in decision-making.

The new brand identity and promise reflects Determine's commitment to provide best in class enterprise contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing and procure-to-pay software. Whether companies are interested in beginning with a single strategic solution or implementing our unified platform, Determine provides business solutions to deliver real bottom-line value across the supply management spectrum in enterprise contract lifecycle management, eSourcing, eProcurement, spend analysis, procure-to-pay, invoicing, and catalog management.