OREANDA-NEWS. October 20, 2015. Elevate your sales with Dreamforce! The content that we engage with at Dreamforce is available all year. Get ahead of the game with some of our top sessions, designed to help you integrate with the latest Salesforce products for you and your customers. Get inspired and test drive a Sales demo now!

Start with the Basics

Sales Cloud Keynote: Lightning Experience — A New Experience. A New Way to Sell.

In today's connected world, technology is rapidly becoming the difference between big quarters and big misses. Companies must empower every sales rep to sell faster, sell from anywhere, and sell the way they want to drive maximum sales productivity. Join Mike Rosenbaum, GM & EVP of Sales Cloud, and top executives at American Express, Accenture, and Team Rubicon to learn how modern CRM applications help companies get an advantage over their competitors. Learn about the latest Salesforce technologies and best practices you can use to maintain your sales edge.

Introduction to Lightning Experience

The Sales Cloud is the world's #1 sales application. Join us to learn how to help every sales team sell smarter, sell faster, and sell the way your company wants to sell on Lightning Experience.

Hit the Ground Running

The Future of CRM

With consumers more empowered than ever, companies need to rethink and transform the way they engage with and retain their customers. Join industry experts and authors Ray Wang, Paul Greenberg, and Denis Pombriant for a discussion on what areas are impacting sales organizations and what companies need to do to be successful in an era of disruptive economies and digital innovation.

Top Pipeline Management Reports

Need greater visibility into your sales funnel? Join us to see what reports top sales leaders use to manage and grow their pipeline and how you can make these insights your own.

Put it all Together

Forecast Accurately With Salesforce Forecasting

Join us to learn how Salesforce Collaborative Forecasting can give sales leaders visibility into future sales booking or sales revenue. Hear from two customers, Pure Storage and Nitro, on how they leverage forecasting and the benefits they’ve realized so far. You’ll also learn how matrix sales organizations can track splits by revenue or overlay and the additional capability of forecasting by custom field.

Drive Productivity with Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

Salesforce is the world''s #1 CRM and Microsoft Office is the world''s #1 productivity suite. Join us to learn how to increase your reps'' efficiency with Salesforce''s cloud-based and installed options for linking Salesforce to Exchange and Outlook. Plus, hear from PetroSkills how increased efficiency helped them succeed.

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