OREANDA-NEWS. Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today launched the telecommunications industry’s first commercially available products based on Vplus technology, enabling operators to accelerate the deployment of ultra-broadband access and increase their ability to meet demand for faster data speeds in homes and the workplace.  

With demand for – and competition to provide - ultra-broadband access accelerating at unprecedented rates, operators need timely, cost effective options to meet consumer expectations for enhanced speeds and capacity. Vplus, a DSL technology initially introduced by Alcatel-Lucent and now being standardised as the VDSL2 35b profile by the ITU-T, delivers this for operators.  Designed to be added to existing VDSL2 vectoring networks without impacting performance, Vplus allows operators to deliver aggregate speeds of 200Mbps and more over traditional copper telephone lines at distances up to 500 meters, and 300Mbps on loops shorter than 250m. 

With higher bitrates than VDSL2 17a and longer distances than G.fast, Vplus provides operators with a simple way to gain the flexibility needed to meet demand for ultra-broadband access. The high port density of Vplus also allows operators to use existing cabinets to gain additional cost efficiencies without having to run fiber all the way to the premises or distribution point. To help further ease migration efforts, Alcatel-Lucent’s new Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) will support VDSL2, Vplus and G.fast technologies, allowing operators to switch to a new DSL technology without having to upgrade the CPE.  

Alcatel-Lucent’s new range of Vplus products is part of a complete portfolio of ultra-broadband access solutions that are helping operators such as A1 in Austria address customer demand for high-speed services.

Commenting on the introduction, Marcus Grausam, CTO of A1 said: “Ensuring we can provide our customers with the best possible ultra-broadband services are a top priority for A1. Alcatel-Lucent plays a critical role in helping us achieve that vision. With their help we were the first to trial and launch G.fast using vectoring technology and are one of the first to connect live customers using Vplus as part of committed effort to more effectively serve our subscribers needs.”

About Alcatel-Lucent’s Vplus technology portfolio 

With Alcatel-Lucent’s Vplus products, service providers can deliver enhanced ultra-broadband speeds over their existing copper infrastructure. The portfolio includes:

  • Line cards (NDLT-J/K) for the widely deployed 7302 ISAM FD-16 and 7330 ISAM FD-8 shelves with Vplus (35b) and VDSL2 (17a) support. 
  • Existing System Level Vectoring processor cards (NDPS-B) can be reused for Vplus 7302 ISAM FD-16 and 7330 ISAM FD-8 shelves.
  • Existing 7363 ISAM MX-6 micro-nodes with VDSL2 vectoring line cards (RDLT-B/C and RDLS-A) support Vplus with a software upgrade. 
  • The all new 7367 ISAM SX-48U micro-node supports 48 vectored VDSL2 (17a) or Vplus (35b) ports with a rugged, sealed, passively cooled enclosure. 
  • The 7368 ISAM CPE F-010G-P completes the solution and eases migration with support for vectored Vplus (35b), G.fast and VDSL2 (17a) uplinks.