OREANDA-NEWS. Phorm (AIM:PHRM), an advertising-technology company, is pleased to announce that Causemo, Inc. ("Causemo"), a leader in the digital giving market, is implementing the Company's cutting-edge Machine-Learning Artificial Intelligence ("AI") technology to more effectively identify online user segments and more efficiently deliver personalised messages to seek to increase donating behaviour.

Phorm's cutting-edge AI technology empowers marketers, as well as agencies and publishers, to harness their first party data to identify users, build segments and target advertising messages that more effectively engage audiences. 

Causemo's Co-founder, CEO and Chairman, Mr David Furneaux commented:

"Last year, more than US$358bn was donated to not-for-profit organisations in the United States alone, however, only 6.7 per cent. of such funds were raised online. Traditional methods of engaging with potential donors, such as direct mail, have historically yielded poor results for charitable causes, with only US$1 in funds raised for every US$2 invested in marketing.  Accordingly, Causemo's ability to identify digital users who spend an average of 2 hours online daily and are potentially amenable to donating requests and then place pertinent and engaging messaging in front of them, is of paramount importance and a large potential market opportunity for us.

"Therefore, the opportunity for Causemo to leverage Phorm's AI technology to identify users via first party data who are addressable across a multitude of digital applications, sites and networks that they use every day, will serve to further differentiate our strategy.  We are excited at the prospect of utilising Phorm's capabilities in two critical ways; firstly, to more effectively identify users and secondly, to leverage this first party data to deliver tailored cause appeal messages more efficiently."

Phorm's CEO, Timothy Smith, added:

"We are honoured and delighted to be working with Causemo, which is using innovative technology to make giving back a digitally-driven experience, whilst at the same contributing to the cultivation of more effective connections between users and the charitable causes that they care most about, including nationally respected charitable organisations such as Save the Children, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Susan G. Komen."

"We are looking forward to demonstrating to Causemo the power of our proprietary software platform to optimise audience identification, targeting, engagement and retention, and ultimately contribute to more profitable charitable fundraising campaigns."