OREANDA-NEWS. Shvabe Holding has entered into a contract for the execution of works on reduction of accident clusters, improvement of the road traffic management systems and fitting-out of a part of SRN (street and road network) in the city of Moscow.

The document signed provides the execution of works on construction of street light facilities in Moscow. In addition, the contract implies reconstruction of obsolete street lights with the use of most advanced technologies. The contract was signed on 30th September 2015 between Traffic Management Centre at the Moscow Government, a state public institution, and Shvabe - Moscow LLC, a Holding's subsidiary company. Modern LED street lights are manufactured by E.S. Yalamov Ural optical mechanics plant Production Association JSC (UOMZ PA JSC), a Shvabe Holding's leading enterprise .

"The project for fitting out the capital with Shvabe street lights is very important for us. Our devices have been manufactured in a good quality. They are very reliable and are capable to withstand strong mechanical impacts as well as can function in any weather conditions", noted Ivan Ozhghikhin, Shvabe - Moscow LLC's director.

The technical characteristics of Shvabe's street lights comply with the Russian and international standards and consume a fraction of electrical power. It will allow to essentially reduce the city budget with respect to electric power. Even in case of a failure of one of the LEDs, the module glowing will remain uniform, which will allow to essentially enhance the safety on roads. For Shvabe, the project has also a great significance as its implementation will increase the Holding's share of civil products at the domestic market.

The total value of the contract is equal to 408 000 000 roubles. The project has been planned for implementation in the fourth quarter of 2015.

For the last several years Shvabe Holding has completed a number of projects for illumination of major cities not only in Russian but also abroad. In particular, at present the "Light city" project is being implemented in Nizhniy Tagil. The project implies the execution of works on design, construction and technical upgrading of the whole city outdoor lighting system for the total life cycle period. In addition, a project for illumination of the historical part of the country's capital, Havana, is under implementation in Cuba. In the future, the Holding is planning to expand the geographic area of the implementation of projects for technical upgrading of lighting system in various cities.