OREANDA-NEWS. October 22, 2015. The idea is groundbreaking: use the time you spend shopping to recharge your electric vehicle. The German discount store ALDI SUD has actually put this into practice. In expert circles, the commitment has been very well received: the jury of the eCarTec Award 2015 has selected ALDI SUD as award winners in the category “Sustainable Product Mobility Concepts”. RWE charging technology at around 50 ALDI S?D locations.

ALDI S?D offers its customers solar power generated on the store roof completely free of charge at around 50 locations. RWE installed the quick-charging stations in the car parks. “Charging infrastructures at companies play a key role in making electromobility a reality in everyday life. The commitment shown by ALDI SUD is exemplary“, says Dr. Arndt Neuhaus, CEO of RWE Deutschland AG. As a technology partner and supplier of charging stations, Neuhaus offers his congratulations. “The award recognises this pioneering work.”

The eCarTec Award honours innovations in electromobility. The award ceremony took place on 19 October, on the eve of the eCarTec trade fair in Munich.

Quick charging, while the electric vehicle is parked
Electric vehicles charge where they would be parked in any case. This may be in front of the house door, at work or even in the supermarket car park. In the case of ALDI S?D, modern quick-charging technology ensures that the charging process – depending on the car model – is reduced to about half an hour. A normal round of supermarket shopping thus allows enough time for solar recharging.

To promote electromobility, RWE has consciously invested in the charging infrastructure in recent years. Throughout Europe, the company operates more than 4,700 charging points. In addition, RWE and its 100 municipal utility partners have set up the largest single charging network in Germany.